Multiple domains & consent management systems

Hi! What is the best practice in terms of cookie consent settings when working with multiple domains and multiple consent management systems?

I’m tracking multiple domains under a single PiwikPro Core container. In this case we have a cross-domain tracking between A) a domain for our main website, B) an external domain for recruiting. The main site uses CookieBot, and the recruiting site uses CookiePro. We have set the consent for CookieBot according to the guide, which works for the main domain.

What would be the best practice in terms of consent:

  1. Should I try to inherit the given consent status from the main domain? The domains have different consent management systems.
  2. Should I adjust the consent otherwise so that it would fire in the recruiting domain with CookiePro.

You could use different script for the CookiePro. We don’t have a copy/paste solution for CookiePro thought, so you have to create your own script.

Thank you. Any thoughts how to execute this? I found @kuba answer: "you would need to:

  • add some custom js code to pass the decisions using link decoration
  • use our CMP api to apply the consents", in a reply here.
    Is this how CookiePro and PiwikPro Core consent could be integrated?

Here is a guide on that topic How can I integrate a third-party cookie consent tool with Piwik PRO? | Piwik PRO help center

Here you can find in-depth documentation about JS API for consent manager JavaScript API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 16.39 documentation if you need more explanation about how the CM methods work, or if you’d like to use some other methods as well.

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