Multiple site IDs on the same page

Ok, so if I do a custom event login tag in the Meta setup and use a custom HTML tag to fire the script with enableCorssDomainLinking also in the Meta setup. This could enable CDT for the limited purpose of tracking login across sites?

Yes when it comes to the “2 trackers in a meta setup” approach.
I’m not sure when it comes to the “1 tracker in a meta setup” approach.

Thanks for your answer. I have been afk for a few days. I will try your setups, and see what happens.

Hi again,

I added the triggers to the Meta Site, but the debug function is not available. Why?
The CDT tag has your function:

function do : _paq.push ([function(){
if (this.getSiteId()==="729e15ff-eef9-440c-ac5b-9b757b”){

Because a meta setup can contain multiple sites, so there’s no what to tell which site you want to debug.

Maybe you should be able to define one of the URLs?

Another thing:

The PP tag is configured to send Logged in status based on a DL value. The loggedInStatus event fires right after the gtm.js event and sets the parameter loggedInStatus. In this case “out”. This is mirrored in PP. I have set the PP tag to fire on stg.domReady event to allow the DL variable to be filled.
Even though PP’s dataLayer does not show the loggedInStatus parameter on the stg.domReady event, I have seen the parameter correctly in Analytics debug, but now it does not get filled in the PP tag.
I am at a loss.

…and the DL variable in PP is filled:

In Analytics, the variable is defined as an Event dimension:

In the PP tag, the dimension is set with the correct ID:

The dimension1: should have been filled with “out” on stg.domReady.

I am surely missing something here. Can you guide? I did get the value before, but I fail to recreate the situation.

Is better to use a 1.p cookie to hold the status value?

Or maybe a dropdown to select which one to debug. I’ll file a feature request.

Keep in mind that if you use the custom dimension tag template, it will only set the value of the custom dimensions and it won’t send any tracking request by itself. If you are adding it to the Piwik PRO tag - it should add the value to JSTC and then send it with a page view event.

The DL variables persist even if they are fired before the current event.

Can you check the Variables section of the Tag Manager debugger for the event that you trigger the Piwik PRO tag with?

I have not used the CD tag template. The PP tag uses a DL variable, which is present here:


This is the crux of the problem.

Can I test this somewhere? If so, you can send me the details in a private message.