Add site with subfolder filter


I want to add a new site to my account but filter the data collection to only collect tracked data under a specific subfolder. For example

Is managing the trigger for the Piwik Pro Base Tag the best solution or is it any other way to do this that I have missed?


Hi @Dataguy, welcome to our community!

I think the easiest solution here would be to set the dedicated page/folder as a new (separate) Site or app in Piwik pro. This way you will get an individual tracking code to implement and the data will be reported on a separate site in Analytics (you’ll need to change the site in Analytics top-right corner).
Later on, you may need to combine the data from and, this is where our concept of Meta sites or apps comes in handy: Use meta sites & apps to merge data | Piwik PRO help center

Please let me know if it helps.
I strongly encourage you to explore our Help Center for any queries, there are a lot of articles that help:

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Hi @TymekGF,

Thanks for the fast reply! I will go with the solution you wrote.

Appreciate it!

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