Big difference with other Analytics tool

We just setup Piwik Pro recently.

I took a full week where i had full data available.

Between the 31/10/2022 and the 13/11/2022, i get:

GA3: 1 326 users (1 537 sessions)
GA4: 1 331 users (1 789 sessions)
Matomo: 2 517 visits
Piwik Pro: 401 visitors (417 sessions)

Why are my Piwik Pro visits so lower compared to other tools?
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Hi, the difference is so high that for sure there are some issues with installation or configuration. Can you share how the product was installed and what’s the config (including things like excluded IPs or consent manager config).

Hi kuba,

Classic installation with GTM.

Consent Manager main settings.

Thanks for your help,

Actually, I missed one important thing. You are using Matomo and in this case, you have to go through this guide: Can I use Piwik PRO and Matomo at the same time? | Piwik PRO help center

Okay that might be the source of my problem.

I’ve edited Piwik PRO code following the Option #1 of your link.

My question is: i’ve made changes in Piwik PRO, okay, but what about Google Tag Manager? As i installed the original Piwik PRO code through GTM, I also need to do some changes on it, no?


When you go with option 1, no changes in GTM are needed.

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Thanks for your help kuba.

It seems indeed to have worked. I did last changes on Friday 18th November 2022.

When looking at metrics from Sat, 19th Nov, to Sun 20th Nov, i get:
411 sessions, 408 visitors or 482 pages views from Piwik PRO
460 visits or 689 pages views from Matomo

66 users, 84 sessions, 118 pages views from GA4
102 users, 109 sessions, 140 pages view from GA3

Do you have any idea to explain those little differences betweens Matomo/Piwik PRO ?


I’d try to compare specific segments of users and see where are the biggest differences. I know that adblockers are treating those two products in a different way, but the difference should not be that big. Also, the list of blocked crawlers could be different.

What’s even more weird is the numbers in case of GA3 and GA4.