Can't get trigger conditions to work for the whole element

Hi all! I’m working with a site that has been built with Elementor. I would like to collect specific click events from the site. For some elements like buttons I got it right. If the user clicks anywhere inside the button tag will be fired.

My problem is that with some elements for example expandable textbox, it is not working. I’ve tried different combination for trigger conditions. Closest I can get with:

. It’s still not fire tag from clicking the arrow. Can someone explains why?

Here is screenshot from Chrome:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Robert,

Could you please share link to website here or in DM?

Thanks for the reply! Here’s the link:

I wondered is some how possible to add multiple class name in to event conditions? I think another way would be possibility to add conditions with OR operator. Currently it seems that only AND operator is possible.

Hey @robertValoa, I run into this type of issue myself quite often. The practice I ended up with is using:

Click Element → Matches → .elementor-tab-title, .elementor-tab-title *

Such selector basically means “.elementor-tab-title OR anything within it”.

To achieve this effect with single-selectors, you would need two triggers in the tag manager, and in such a way you need to create just one.