Crashes after SDK integration


We’ve recently released our new app version with Piwik SDK integration. Since the release, we have been receiving crash reports related to the Piwik SDK like

"Fatal Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException 
Unable to instantiate receiver pro.piwik.sdk.extra.InstallReferrerReceiver: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn't find class "pro.piwik.sdk.extra.InstallReferrerReceiver" on path: DexPathList..."

We are using the 1.1.8 version of the SDK.
Could you help us with this problem?

Thank you

@Laszlo_Benedek we’re checking with our SDK developers. Do you have any other details that could help us reproduce this exception?

@Laszlo_Benedek we just released 1.1.9 with a hotfix which should address the issue. Could you try to see if you still get crashes in testing with that version?

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Thank you for the fast update. I’ll try the new SDK version.