Discrepancies between Google Analytics and Piwik PRO

Comparing Piwik PRO data with Analytics I see the following differences (7 Nov - 27 Nov):

  • Sessions: 166k vs 82k

  • Visitors / Users: 142k vs 69k

  • Pageviews: 319k vs 152k

  • Download: 27k vs 13k

  • Transactions: 893 vs 902

I see that normally we have around the double of actions. Why is this possible? Are we tracking traffic without cookies in Piwik PRO? How can we deactivate this traffic?

For transactions we have the same number (approx). Why is this?

There are some events that are consuming actions, like “Javascript errors”. Can we deactivate it?

What can be other actions that increase our number of monthly actions?

Can you share the website where it is installed? In case you track less in Piwik PRO, I’d check the setup first.

Javascript errors tracking can be disabled in the Piwik PRO tag in tag manager.

Sure! @kuba

The website is: https://store.wiris.com

In this case the tracking is higher in Piwik PRO, than in Google Analytics.

Did you find out why you have discrepancies?

Hi, @kuba
Not yet, because we have everything as we are told we should have it, so we don’t understand.
Do you have any idea?

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