Distinguishing one tenant from another

In a multi-tenant environment, what is the best was to break down analytics by tenant? This, in order to focus only on the data of one tenant, and to create averages and other aggregations among different tenants?


To compare data from multiple websites you have set up you need to use Meta Sites.
In Administration you can create new Meta Site, and include websites you want to analyse. Then, you can choose this Meta Site on websites list just like any other, and then either:

  • perform segmentation per hostname/domain/directory
  • create custom report with metrics you need, which will use “Page URL (domain)” or “Page URL (path)” dimension value grouping (to be chosen once you load Page URL dimension into your report).

I hope this information will let you advance in your analysis. Get back to me if you have any questions or doubts, and I will be happy to discuss your case further.



Thank you Michael. In our scenario, each “customer” is viewing the web app at the same URL(s). There is no distinction in the URLs between one “customer” and another. Do we have other options?

Sure, it’s classic case for custom dimension value attribution. You need to create configuration that will fetch customer name from somewhere (meta tag, cookie, what have you) and track it as Session-scope Custom Dimension.

Then such Customer Name will become another dimension that you can utilise in your reports. This guide explains all the necessary steps. - let me know if you have any doubts or more specific questions.

Thank you sir, appreciate the assistance

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