Form submission and SPA

Hey there,

Trying to track form submissions on my website (which is a SPA due to barba.js) via the form submission trigger since I see the stg.formSubmit event in the debugger.
However, the set up does not seem to work out and I am not sure of what I am doing wrong.
Is there anything special to do with SPA for form submissions tracking?

Thank you in advance

Hi Justine,

Hope you’re fine!
I sent two test email via your contact form and the reason why the tag doesn’t work is the fact that your consent setting of Piwik Pro Event - lead tag is set to analytics. However, since you use third party consent banner it’s not possible to accept analytics Piwik PRO consent. For that you need to proceed with third party cookie consent and our consent manager API. Here is instruction how such integration looks like.
In the console I manually changed analytics consent to true using this method:
    consents: {
      analytics: {
        status: 1,

and the tag was triggered successfully.

Hey Adam,

Thanks for your help!
Indeed, I am using cookiebot so I used the tag to map consent and it is now working properly :).

Thanks again,
Have a nice day!