Google UA Event Tracking

Hi everyone

I used to drop some pixels for Tracking in UA. The pixels looked like this:

<img src="upload://2bpvcOMmTkrqmlzwsKXSPq0mCCO.gif">

What I am trying to do is: a user opens link to → there is a forwarding on to I would like to track everyone who is going from to With UA it would be possible to integrate a pixel like mentioned above and then forward. How to do it with piwik pro?


Hi! I assume that the src for this pixel was bit different and used the UA tracking API. It works similarly in Piwik PRO. Our tracking endpoint supports a param (send_image) that generates a pixel in response. All docs are available here: Tracking HTTP API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 16.39 documentation

There’s also a helpcenter guide describing a similar use case: Track how many people opened a newsletter | Piwik PRO help center

Hi Kuba

And dziekuje. I’ve tested it out the pixel is being thrown and I see it in the debugger:
Page title: Sign-QR-Scanned
Page URL: https:/…

When visiting Analytics → Reports → Pages → Page Titles

I don’t see the Page Title in the report. Does it need some time?


Reporting works with a slight delay, since it transfers only closed sessions (ans sessions are closed after min 30 mins inactivity).