How to Add event to the button's click handler (Quora Ads)

We have installed Quora base pixel, which triggers on all page views trigger.
Now we’d like to specifically track given actions on given buttons (signup and demo CTAs) on both our website (WS) and blog. The code provided by Quora is the following:

<!-- Add event to the button's click handler -->
<script type="text/javascript">
qp('track', 'GenerateLead'); // Call this function when inline action happens

We already have 2 tags and their triggers enabled (Click Element) to track clicks on signup CTAs and demo CTAs, but right now I am bit lost and I don’t remember how to add external conversion button handlers on our CTAs via Piwik Tag Manager, so whenever someone clicks on demo or signup, the quora conversion is activated if visitor is coming from Quora.

I’d appreciate an explanation that’s simple to understand :smiley:
Thanks a lot as always

Hi @Elena_Benito_Ruiz,

You would need to create seperate custom code tag/s -

Insert the code provided by Quora -

and if I understood correctly you already have the triggers ready so you can just attach the existing trigger/s

Now, if the same code should be triggered for both buttons you can just create 1 tag and attach 2 different triggers. Otherwise, 2 tags would be the way to go. (if you just want to track signup and demo CTA)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot @kamilb !