How to plot custom variables?


I have a question regarding the setup of custom variables in Piwik.

The situation is the following, I have setup three custom variables, which should extract the name of a producer / producer user and their email.

I have tested them in the Debugger and the variables are catching every time the information.

However, when I do a custom report for example and I want to plot the variables I either get no data or a undefined value.

I have chosen the correct custom variables as you can see on the screenshot (dont know if its possible to rename them)

Can you please give me an advice how to tackle this? If the variables would not work for plotting the producer per session should I do custom dimensions (via putting piwik tracker in the js of the website) ?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Ivan,
you should go with the custom dimensions :smile:
As you already have variables created and working fine, you just need to use them.
We have an article that explains the process of setting up a custom dimension here: Create a custom dimension | Piwik PRO help center

After that, you’ll be able to use them in a report like that:

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Hey pwachala,

thanks for the explanation!

I will do the setup as follows then, I think the issue cleared up.