Injection zones for secure and manageable code and content

Safe way to integrate code and content into pages with good control and opportunities to easily add content from third party providers in way that secures page integrity and only runs within its defined zone.

Why: There is a lot of room for mistakes around attaching tags to elements id / css and so on many pages can use the map module and have the map id, so there is a lot of setup to make sure that the custom code or custom content tags only fires at the pages and areas that we actually want. Then an editor add a block to a page and suddenly these tags trigger because it fires on a trigger rule matching and editors don’t understand why these elements are popping up.

Therefore it would be great to have a secure and reliable way to integrate and manage code and content snippets on pages in addition to these highly available and versatile methoda that we have today.

Menu Tag Manager: Tags, Zones, Triggers, Variables, Changelog, Settings

Injection Zone (Zone)
β†’ Priority of tags set to zone
β†’ Dependencies
β†’ Show / Hide
β†’ Lock to domain (yes/no)
β†’ Secure injection (e.g check for authorised users, callback with signed response)

Trigger events
β†’ Injection Zone Preload
β†’ Injection Zone Load
β†’ Injection Zone Ready
β†’ Injection Zone Update

Once per page
Every time inside viewport
Refresh (update data every xx seconds, minutes, etc).
User event (e.g click on button)

For each zone you can
Get code β†’ snippet that securely adds injection zone to the pages through small code snippet that makes sure that the code is run securely and consistently on the placements its added to.

With this setup you can also get good analytics on zone usage and content interaction within the zone because it is a clearly defined zone which we work within.

This is just and idea which would make the tag management for us more reliable.

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