IP filters not working


When testing my newly reated goals, I came to realize that although I created IP filters filtering my IP, these filters did not seem to work.

As a matter of fact, I could see the goal completion I just carried out population my reports.

This came as a surprise since I filled in the IP filter section under the “Administration” filter with my IP addresse.

A work around this is to set an IP filter for report that a create. However, my IP address is not the only one I need to filter out and I am most likely to create multiple reports. I would assume there is a more efficient way to go around this issue.

I am looking forward to reading you.

In advance, thank you.

Kind regards,


As far as I know, there is a short-living cache on the IP filters. Could you check it once again? Ideally with the use of a tracker debugger which should show “excluded events”.

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