React Integration - Missing push into Datalayer

Hi Piwik team,

we’ve been working with the React Integration that you’ve released and realized that the current setup fully ignores the Datalayer.

This is a huge issue cause either it forces us to more or less doublicate each and every event, pageview etc. to also enable it’s usage within the Tagmanager.

Or we should just implement Piwik in a SPA without using the React Integration and just building it our own.

The funny thing is, that you’ve already referenced the Datalayer Var in the piwikpro.window object - but don’t give us any possibility to let the push also be executed on the DL


We will look into the issue and get back with some more details soon.

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We have looked into this and based on your feedback, we will be providing a dedicated method in the React library for doing a dataLayer.push().

We are planning to add it in the next release, which is coming next week.

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