Same page, two different Site IDs


we’re trying to implement two different site IDs in the same page ( but debugging the implementation we have a weird behavior.

  • Sometimes we have two hits with two different idsite, one hit for site 1 id and one hit for site 2 id (correct!)
  • Sometimes we have two hits with the site 1 id (not correct!)
  • Sometimes we have two hits with the site 2 id (not correct!).

Is it normal? Is not a best practice to track the same page (or the same section, or the same website) with two different site ids?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Jack,

What do you mean exactly by two site IDs? Do you have two containers for two different sites on one the same page?


Hi Oliwer,

thank you for the answer, i mean this one: Where can I find my site or app ID? | Piwik PRO help center

So, basically yes, two different “Piwik sites” in the same page.

Thanks again,

Could you please check if there are any errors in console related to Piwik PRO on page loading?

Hi Oliwer,

you are right! We have

“The method setDomains is registered more than once in “_paq” variable. Only the last call has an effect. Please have a look at the multiple Piwik trackers documentation”

but also

Matomo javascript tracker or Piwik PRO javascript tracker was already initiated on this page. Please check the tracker setup. Matomo conflict can be resolved using these instructions: Can I use Piwik PRO and Matomo at the same time? | Piwik PRO help center

We will check it better :slight_smile: