Server Side Tracking


We have several questions according finding an alternative for third party cookie tracking right now

  • Cookies are always stored in the browser, but if you want to use server-side identification for sessions, choose the cookieless tracking option. The latter option relies on a temporary session identifier that cannot be tied back to a visitor, once they leave the website or the session ends.
    In the version 15.3 planned for the release next week, we made some improvements to make this option better and more intuitive to set up. See more in the v15.3 changelog.

  • If the user does not accept cookies, we will track sessions or nothing at all (you can make a choice). This setup is simplified in the upcoming 15.3 release and you will see in the configuration the following options:

    Choose to collect non-sensitive data for visitors who don’t consent:
    (1) collect data using a 30-minute cookie,
    (2) collect data without using cookies or
    (3) don’t collect data.