Set fields directly from config tag (just like GA4)


Is it somehow possible to directly “set fields” in the Piwik Pro config tag in GTM? I use this option to easily set-up the custom dimensions within the GA4 config tag. If not is there another easy way to send all custom dimensions?

Screenshot for some understanding of what I mean:


how did you install Piwik PRO snippet? If it was our GTM template then there’s not much you can do. Dimensions have to be set via separate tags.

My suggestion here would to be to install Piwik PRO Tag manager (which also contains the analytics tag by default) via custom code tag in GTM. With such setup, you will be able to use the following interface in Piwik PRO:

I have used your GTM template yes. I understand your suggestion, but it would require extra configuration, since I then need to create all the variables within PTM also right?

The data model of dataLayer is really similar but yes - you would have to define variables in Piwik PRO Tag Manager.