Share tag manager container over multiple sites

I have 4 websites running on the same platform / environment.
They have different tracking codes.

Their tag management setup is 99,9% identical. The only difference is the Piwik Pro Analytics tag.
Is there a way to use a single container for those 4 sites?
It doesn’t seem to be possible.

If it’s not possible, I have to maintain tags in 4 containers meaning that I have to do every little change 4 times.

Hi @rmeekers,

today we released meta setup in tag management. See this doc: About a meta setup in Tag Manager | Piwik PRO help center

So you keep your current setup as is when it comes to the Piwik PRO tracking tag. All other tags can be configured in a meta site containing all the mentioned sites.

Thanks @kuba
I’m a lucky guy today!

Question @kuba
I’ve noticed that I can use variables from the meta site in the real site container although autocomplete is not working. The article doesn’t mention this explicitly, but can you confirm that I can use it this way and that there is no need to duplicate variables in a site container for use in site tags?

The tag trees for both metasite and site are merged. So, effectively, variables should work. Since it’s the first version of this feature, there are missing parts. I presume that you see valid use cases for using variables like that. I’ll fill in feature request to add autocomplete in this case.

ok thank you. I’ll collect feedback if I come across

great news!

we have also such a multi site / multi regions setup here with different tag manager containers.

will try this out soon, too.