Tag Manager: Piwik Tag: Change the Piwik ID

It would be great to be able to change the Piwik ID in Tag Managers main Piwik Tag.

As of today, the ID is visible but not possible to be changed.

(I know, one can setup meta sites. But across different clients I have had several discussions. And now in one case, we decided against meta sites because it’s in some aspects too complex to use them. For this, we deactivated the standard Piwik tag and instead activated a custom JS tag with a Piwik code just to be able to set the Piwik ID dynamically via a variable. It would be great if this last step was not needed. And instead simply add a custom Piwik ID into the main Piwik tag)


you can pause the standard tag and replace it with a Custom HTML tag holding a Piwik PRO tracking code (Installation — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 17.4 documentation) with a dynamic site ID (by hostname or whatever) anytime if you want to use the same container on different websites.


Hi Markus, thanks for you reply! Yes I know this is possible. Nevertheless, it would be great if this configuration could be edited within the standard tag. Best regards, Thomas