Tag not firing on arrival on page, only in refresh

So when I am in debug mode, my custom dimensions are not triggered, but when I refresh the page, the custom dimensions are triggered. Logically, a user can browse the site without having to refresh the page at each new URL.
Can you help me ?

Can you share your current configuration? How did you set custom dimensions? What’s the trigger?


What do you mean by config ? My dev send me this screenshot, hope it helps

How did you set the mentioned custom dimensions? Is it a custom tag? Or as part of some other tag?

We use custom event dimension and the trigger is when the page is viewed

Did you set them directly via the option in the default Piwik PRO tag? Can you share the website address here or on priv to speed it up?

Here you go, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

All custom dimensions have a trigger with condition checking if they are set. Maybe in some of the cases the tracking code fires too early? It looks like it’s the case. I can reproduce it each time when I disable cache:

First of all, the variables are not set on the first page view event.

One of possible solution is to trigger the first page view on page load instead of page view.


Secondly, for some reason, your app generates an additional history api event on the first page view when there’s no cache. This results in registering the first page view twice (one generated by Piwik PRO tag on page view, and 2nd generated via the virtual page view).

Hope that helps.

We’ve changed the trigger to on load and it seems to still be the same issue