Track Ceros iframe

Hi there,

Is it possible to track an Ceros iframe? I want to track conversions, some drop-down elements and the name of the form.


Hi @JanetB

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If Ceros iframe is sending for example JS messages than it’s possible but if it doesn’t send any data to main page from iframe, and you don’t have option to add code to the script that would send this data to main page than it won’t be possible


Hi Oliwer

Thank you for your response. I dont know if Ceros uses JS or if it is possible to edit the script- have reached out to their team.

Wold it be possible to instal tracking via google tag manager instead? Here is some info on their GTM tracking:


You can replicate steps for GTM integration with Ceros in Piwik PRO, if the ceros is able to send data to dataLayer than you will be able to gather this data with Piwik PRO the same way you’d do it with GTM