Track pageview on js application

Hi there, I’m switching a js application (I think it is in vue.js) from Universal Analytics to Piwik Pro.

In Universal Analytics I tracked PageViews triggering the Universal Analytics Tag in Google Tag Manager using a custom event read from the Data Layer; I also added Page and Title values with variables from the DataLayer.

What is the right approach with Piwik Pro?

• I was able to create the trigger
• I didn’t found ways to add Page and Title to the Piwik Pro Tag in Tag Manager

Do I have to use Virtual Page View Tag?
Do I have to delete the Piwik Pro Tag?

Thanks for your help



a Virtual Page view seems to be the right solution. If you need the regular pageview or not depends on how your app handles the first load. Is there a custom event already when someone enters the site and loads the first view or does that event occur with the first change of location (when a user navigates the site)?

I would suggest to keep the regular pageview, visit the site and either look at the dataLayer in the console, check the Tag Manager preview and / or look at the Tracker Debugger. If you see your first page view twice, you can pause the regular tag and see what happens when you repeat that test.


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Piwik PRO tag is always needed as it loads the js library. In case of duplicates, you can disable tracking page views by the Piwik PRO tag directly.

I can only add that everything should work as the thing you described is a pretty standard setup giving full control over when the page view is triggered.

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Hi There,

Actually I’m seeing 3x PageViews events ad I’m using to see in Analytics.

This is my setup:
• inject piwik container using GTM on All Pages Trigger
• Piwik Pro Tag is set to ‘Track Page View manually’
• I’ve added a Virtual Page View Tag on a custom event (nuxtRoute)

With the Piwik Pro debugger I see:
• 2 pageviews on Home Page (Piwik Pro + 2x Virtual Page View)
• 1 pageview when browsing virtual pages
• 2 pageviews every time there a ‘real’ load of another page (Piwik Pro + 2x Virtual Page View)

Can’t understand why the PageView gets triggered two times

Help! :slight_smile: