TrackEcommerceOrder not working on_paq but working on _ppas variable

i have previously implemented ecom order tracking using the _paq.push to functions, but i cant get it to work now.
if i change the the _paq variale to _ppas i can actually see the OrderData in the tracker debugger.
anyone know if _paq.push functions are outdated or if i am doing anything else wrong ? pageviews are triggered correctly, so it seems piwik is installed correctly.

below is the test code i have setup:

_paq = window._paq || [];
     _paq.push(["addEcommerceItem", "72625151", "Yellow notebook 150 pages", "School supplies", 10.00, 2]);
	_paq.push(["addEcommerceItem", "72625151", "Yellow notebook 150 pages", "School supplies", 10.00, 2]);
      _paq.push(["trackEcommerceOrder", "33526", 499, 399, 0, 100]);

Hi @cf_skabertrang,


This shouldn’t work unless you you define your tracker using _ppas in the first place. We don’t do this in the product, you can only do this manually. E.g. when running Matomo at the same time.

actually i also added this code to before _ppas = window._ppas || ;
and then it worked. we are not using matomo on this install. we have installed piwik via container snippet right at the body tag beginning.

but seems wierd that the _paq variable cant send any data

also if i dont add _ppas = window._ppas || ;
we get an error in the console saying _ppas is not defined

Could you post a screenshot from the tracker debugger after executing this piece of code with _ppas?

Yes, that’s because our product doesn’t use _ppas by default. You would have to modify the tracking code to use it.

yes sure.
i am not sure excactly, how much you want to see, but here is the Order from tracker debugger:

Could you send me the website URL please? Either here or in a private message.

@cf_skabertrang You have configured the Piwik PRO tracking code to work with _ppas instead of _paq:

Where did you find that ?

In your Tag Manager, a tag called Test. The main Piwik PRO tag is turned off.

thank you that was it :slight_smile:
apparently our marketing guy had this account setup previously to test it with matomo and he forgot to remove it.