Unique session data

HI, I’m trying to split data into unique sessions. Does PIWIK have something like session ID or session timestamp that is unique only for 1 user session? I tried to do it with Session time and session number, but still have some issues with it. Do you have an idea how can I solve it?

Hi @Vladyslav_Zhovklyi,
reporting is designed to work on aggregated data so we didn’t provide any dimension that would allow showing raw data in a report (granularity where one row would be a single session or event).

If you need to access raw data you can either export it from a session log (screen below), pull it out via API (see the docs) or, if relevant to you, pull via Tableau connector.

We use PIWIK API (btw is much-much better that GA) to present analytics data for our users (they create landing pages and later they can check analytics on that pages). We want to show user each session visitor created. So, with PIWIK API there is no option do to that?
Something like that. With GA, we used Custom dimension with Timestamp to differentiate each session, and it worked well, but with PIWIK, session dimension is the latest value, so it’s not an option.

It is possible to get that over an API. You should look into raw data API linked in my previous post. You can pull individual sessions or events data (btw. each event contains data of a session it belongs to).
In order to differentiate sessions you can use session_id that is returned by default in each response.

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Wow, totally missed that. Works perfectly!!! Thanks!