URL event (url with appended ?exv=numberID)

Hello everyone! I need your help.

I’m trying to create an event that will track each time a popup is open, which means each time a URL domain.com/examples?exv=numberID is visited. This type of URL is associated with a popup that opens on domain.com/examples page.

I want to make sure that this event is captured every time a popup is opened, which means every time the appended numberID in the URL changes. In the same session, a user can open the same popup more than once, or open different popups.

What do you think would be the best way to do this? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


It should be tracked as a page view with this particular parameter so you don’t necessarily need to create a new event for that, but If you’d like to, you can just create a trigger that will check if the URL contains the “?exv=” and assign it to a tag that will collect this data into one custom event.


Thank you.
I’ve created a trigger that check if the URL contains “?exv=” but it doesn’t capture anything.

In case this change to the parameter doesn’t also trigger a new page view, then either history change might work with again URL contains “?exv=” (if the parameter is updated via history change) or click URL contains “?exv=” if this parameter is added with a click.


It is a popup, so that doesn’t trigger a new page view.
What do you suggest in this case?

Than I suggest trying history change, if that doesn’t work, than maybe content interaction would work instead of using url to track it How can I track interactions with popups and content? | Piwik PRO help center