A dedicated Piwik Android app

Hello Piwik Team and fellow users,

As someone who frequently works on-the-go, I often find myself accessing Piwik from my phone. I believe it would be incredibly beneficial if there were a dedicated Android app where we could receive tailored notifications and reports. This would streamline the process of data analysis and tracking on mobile devices.

Is this something the team has considered? I’d love to know if others in the community would also find value in such an application.

Thanks for considering and eager to hear feedback!

Warm regards!

David from backona.com

Hi @Backona,

Thank you for your feedback!
For don’t have dedicated mobile app for various OS, however it’s possible to open your Piwik PRO instance in the mobile view.
Also, if you would like to have alerts for different metrics, you can set them up according to our help center article and notification will be sent to your email.