Feature request: reflect filters in report URL

When browsing the piwik reports, I would like my filters and selections to be reflected in the report URL.

For instance, if I filter for device type = mobile, restrict to only a certain channel, or select a given period, I would like these selections to be dynamically reflected in the report’s URL.

This way it would be possible to easily share a report with others by simply sharing the URL with them, and the report would directly open with all the previous selections and filters applied.


@daniel.ortega you just described what we’ve been working on over last few weeks. Expect it to be released early in November. :slight_smile: Links will contain information about the date range (including comparisons), grouping, applied segments, secondary dimensions, pagination, search filter, etc.

Great to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

looking forward to the feature


Could you please let me know in this thread when the feature goes live?


It should be 7th of November.

Hello. Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

It was released in November '22 16.31.0 - Piwik PRO

It’s available under “Share” button