Accuracy of Piwik Pro / Traffic is different on other tools

Hi! I have used other tools for website tracking, such as Google Analytics and the WP Statistics plugin. The results are very different on Piwik Pro - the traffic I get on my website seems so much lower.

What could be the explanation for that?

Hi there! :smiling_face:

In general comparing data using different tools will always lead to certain deviations. Each tool runs on an independent engine to process the data and also uses a different approximation algorithm.]

Simultaneously there is no strict answer to what might cause such deviation between other tools and Piwik PRO data. Too many various factors can cause such behavior which is impossible to pinpoint. Starting off with a much stricter privacy policy to metrics/session definitions or even crawlers.

I would like to share a blog article that might be a good anchor point - The causes of data discrepancies between analytics platforms - Piwik PRO

Hi Sara! Thank you for your quick response. I understand that there always be some differences, but whatever I can see on Piwik is always about 1/3 less than other tools.

So, for example, if my web traffic was around 3000 visits in the last 30 days on WP Statistics, I will only see around 800/1000 on Piwik Pro.

Our website traffic is not huge and I need to choose the most accurate tool for reporting, but I am not sure which tool I can trust the most and why the discrepancies are so huge.

Hi @Guna,

Can you please send your website URL in a private message so that we can check the tracking?

Have a great day! :slight_smile: