Adding new UTM Parameters

Hi, i just began using Piwik pro and need some help.

I’ll use it to track my media buyers facebook ads conversions, in that case i use some UTM parameters that i don’t seem to find where to add them.

I went to Menu → Administration → Sites & Apps → Then i choose the site i want to work with these UTM parameters.

Then i scroll down and go to campaign parameters and there i find only these parameters: Campaign name, Campaign keyword, Campaign source, Campaign medium, Campaign content and Campaign ID.

But when i’m using the UTM parameters i also use these parameters:

  • utm_creative={{}}
  • utm_placement={{placement}}
  • campaign_id={{}}
  • adset_id={{}}
  • ad_id={{}}
  • adset_name={{}}

Is there a way to piwik also collect this data? If so, how should i do it?

Thank you very much, hope hearing an answer soon.

By default Piwik PRO has a way to gather 6 Campaign parameters, as listed here;

Besides those, you could add some parameters to the corresponding slots
E.g. campaign_id can be mapped to the Campaign Id dimension;
For the full instance, use this:

Per site, use this:

If you are adventurous :cowboy_hat_face:, you could assign the other parameter values to custom dimensions. Something like this would do;

For the remaining slots you could create a session dimension ( Create a custom dimension | Piwik PRO help center )

To assign the value to the dimension if the parameter is available.

For instance via a Tag Manager variable.
Create the URL variable in TM ( About user-defined variables | Piwik PRO help center )
Create one for each variable you want to assign.

For each parameter, create a custom dimension Tag in TM ( Custom dimension tag | Piwik PRO help center ) and add the variable to the session custom dimension slot.
As a trigger make sure you set the value when it is not empty.
(Session custom dimensions will have the value that was last pushed during the session, if you push only a value if it exists, you will have the assigned campaign parameter, because the next page view will not have a value in the variable, it will not be overwritten.

Your last step would be creating a custom report to provide you the correct insights.


Hey @rmastop, thanks for the quick answer!

You made it very clear for me and my next step.

Is it possible that by default piwik collect all the UTM’s we send and then we create a custom report to see them?

Thank you.

Unfortunately not. By default the mentioned UTMs are stored as campaign parameters. Others would need to be created manually, because it needs a place to be stored.

Are your UTMs a standard set of UTMs? If so could you share some documentation on how it is used?

I see it as a usual set of UTM’s, but not exactly sure if they are.

I’m still using Keitaro tracker for click tracking and this is an actual URL with all of the UTM’s i’m using. ?utm_creative={{}}&utm_campaign={{}}&utm_source={{site_source_name}}&utm_placement={{placement}}&campaign_id={{}}&adset_id={{}}&ad_id={{}}&adset_name={{}}&thankyou_page_url=

Note: Keitaro by default collects the data off all UTM’s i’m using and allows me to create reports on in.

My goal with piwik is to also collect all this UTM’s data and create a click and atribution report, and as you said it is possible to do.