Adwords tracking template


Using this in the tracking template (final URL suffix) :slight_smile:

  • utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign={campaignid}&utm_content={adgroupid}&utm_term={keyword}

but data stopped coming in:

Could you attach a raw log of this request (together with a screenshot showing all the session values)? It can be found in the tracker debugger.

I’d say that it’s all fine, but you’re missing the data because it appears with a 1 day delay (that’s how Google Ads API works).

Ow right forgot about the delay :slight_smile:)

There’s no way yet to get the Pmax campaigns to appear there?

Let me check that with the team.

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I can find them under campaigns but not under the Google ads report.


Could you provide a screenshot and your expectations? That would help us coordinate research.


Pmax not showing up here

Does show up under campaigns (but with the ID as name)

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Just checking if any news :)? Thxs

I checked it with the team and they confirmed that they plan to support also pmax. No ETA yet.

Just checking one time to see if any news on this :)?

No updates for now. I’m sure @Jarek will let you know once we know the timing.

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No news yet :)?


Support for performance max campaigns is not on the roadmap yet.
According to current priorities, it will not be part of the roadmap in the upcoming months.

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