Anonymous tracking question

Hi all,
just a quick question if I understand it correctly: If I deactivate cookies + session “each event will be treated as a new session and you won’t recognize visitors” which means that every click (event) is counted as a new visitor - so it’s basically just a counter how often the sites are visited?

Hi @kcart,

Each event so basically Page Views, Custom events etc.
If you have a custom event set on every click on your website then yes, every click will create a new session. Basically a request needs to be sent to Piwik PRO in order for this to occur.

If you meant the event that is sent to the dataLayer then no, this alone doesn’t send a request.

Hi @kamilb, thanks. ELI5: So each page view counts as a new visitor. (deactivate cookies + deactivated session) Visitor visits page 1 - 1 Visitor; Same visitor visits page 2 - 2 visitors in piwik.

Follow up: I have more visitors as page views - how’s that possible when every visitor counts as new visitor. It shoud be the same, shouldn’t it?

Hi @kcart,

What is the difference in visitors vs page views?
Also, what are you trying to achieve with these settings? (what is your main goal)

You can check if new sessions are created with each page view in the tracker debugger -