Available Dimension and Metrics

For my application, I need available dimension and metrics for a specific WebsiteID. If I give all dimension and metrics to choose, most of them can be unavailable and gives error. So is there an endpoint which I can send websiteId and get available dimension and metrics?

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I think we will need some more details on this one.
Could you please share a screenshot of what the errors look like?

The problem is not an error I get.

You provide a list of dimensions and metrics in the API document. But some of them are not available for a specific web site in the analytics module. When I query the endpoint, it says this dimension is not available.

Like “Dimension “session_total_cart_additions” does not exist.

So, is there a solution so that I can list available dimensions for a website in the analytics module?

Do you have ecommerce reports enabled by any chance? Here is an article on how to enable them: Ecommerce reports | Piwik PRO help center.

Unfortunately, there is no such an endpoint that would return all the available columns, dimensions, and metrics. We are currently working on adding the endpoint.

For now, the list of all available parameters can be found here: Columns — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 17.5 documentation