Custom attributes for ECommerce

Please, help me to understand the flow.
I have a marketplace website and I would like to add additional fields to the e-commerce analytics(offer id, seller name, etc…). As far as I understand I cannot do that. Even with the custom dimensions?

I tried to create my own e-commerce analytics with more or less the same flow as the out-of-the-box one, but I could not understand how to create a list of nested dimensions. (like the one that we have in the cart_update(products) →
Items:[{ “a”
{ “b”

Thank you

Welcome to the Piwik PRO community! We are glad to have you here.

Yes, we have a fixed set of dimensions that we use to track the ecommerce data. Custom dimensions will be supported in the future releases.

Have you had a chance to skim through our ecommerce documentation?

Here is an article on how to set up the ecommerce environment:

And here is a documentation about the ecommerce methods described in greater detail:

Also, remember to map the products object correctly, here is how you could do it:

Hi Adam,
Thank you for the warm welcome and for coming back to me.
Yes, I have successfully working e-commerce tracking.
I was reading the documentation and have been playing around but still couldn’t find the information about these 2 topics:

  1. Custom dimensions for e-commerce data(based on your reply I understand it’s not possible for now)
  2. Creating custom dimensions with object-scope level. Taking a product from e-commerce tracking as an example, how can I create a similar custom dimension that has fields inside of it?
    My idea is to create custom dimensions based on the current e-commerce fields enhancing it with the attributes that I need. For example, in the cart_update I want to track the offer id per product, but I cannot find a way to assign a custom dimension for the product’s scope(or other dimension scope).

Items:[{ “product-a”
product.offerId: “123”

Or, if I cannot enhance the product, how can I create a dimension similar to the product, that contains fields inside of it

Thank you,

Hello Adam,
Is there any update on this?
Thank you,

Hi Mikhail, sorry for the late reply. As the Adam is OOTO, another Adam showed up to answer :smiley:
I went through your topic and unfortunately, currently for the ecommerce we are not able to additionally push custom dimensions. Product scope custom dimensions is a feature which will be introduced with the second release of our new ecommerce. Planned date for the release is the 31 of July.

Hi Adam,
Thank you for the information!