Being compliant with CNIL/RGPD and get a collect based on cookie

The conditions for being compliant with the CNIL by having a 100% vision of your traffic without having a degraded collection are quite vague.
Can I have a view within the same property of my consented and non-consented traffic?
For consented traffic, is the collection based on cookies?
By having this vision within the same property, am I compliant with the French CNIL as explained in this documentation : The CNIL consent exemption and Piwik PRO

When I read the documentation, I have the impression that to have a 100% view of the traffic, the collection cannot be done on cookies.

Thank you very much

Hi @romainproximity,

Here is in-depth description on how to be compliant with CNIL when using Piwik PRO How to make your website compliant with CNIL | Piwik PRO help center most likely the do’s and don’ts are the important for you.