Exemption and integrations


I have a question about the possibilities that exists in Piwik Pro to choose what do we want to do with the user data when he does not consent.

We want to be CNIL compliant and we have Google Ads and Google Search Console integrations.

Is it possible to collect data “using a 30-minute cookie” or “without using cookies”, keep the integrations and stay CNIL compliant ?

Otherwise, which are the solutions ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi. Have you checked this guide: How to make your website compliant with CNIL | Piwik PRO help center ?

Hi, thanks for the link.

However this document (https://www.cnil.fr/sites/default/files/atoms/files/exemption_pour_la_mesure_daudience_sans_consentement_piwik.pdf) says that
Data collected under the exemption cannot be integrated with other data sources.
data. If you collect data that is not within the scope of this exemption,
especially if they are personal data, it will be necessary to prevent their integration. Please
check in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite under Analytics → Settings → Integrations.”

So I would like to know if “prevent their integration” means to remove integrations of if there is a way to link integrations only with data under consent ?


Thanks for elaborating. We’re fetching all the data from Google Ads and Console APIs and there’s no additional logic to check if there was a consent. So, the safest option for now would be to disable those integrations.