Channel Filtering in Google Data Studio / Looker Studio Not Working


I am creating a time series chart in Looker Studio and have run into a problem. I am trying to filter sessions by channel. “Channel = Website” and “Channel = Social” filters work perfectly. But, for Search engine, Campaign, and Direct Entry, I get the following error:

I am using connector 1.0.7

Hi David,
could you please let me know what is your filter definition?
Try to filter it using Channel => Equal to (=) => Direct entry

And let me know if it worked.


For Search engine:

Include > Channel > Equal to (=) > Search engine

For Direct entry:

Include > Channel > Equal to (=) > Direct Entry

For Campaign:

Include > Channel > Equal to (=) > Campaign

I’m very experienced with Looker/Data Studio.


The above issue comes and goes. Perhaps some instability in the data connector? I am using version 1.0.7. However, I had discovered a potentially related issue that with a 100% failure rate.

When I add a metric as a filter (either as the only filter or paired with a dimension filter), I always get the following error message:

Hi David,
as you created a new topic with similar issues in Looker studio, my colleague will answer you in this one: Looker Studio Filters Not Working


Hi @pwachala,

My first issue stated here (reports fail when set to certain channels) is not part of my other post.


“Equal” filters look for exact matches. You were trying to use “Direct Entry” instead of “Direct entry” as suggested by @pwachala.

Here’s a quick example:

Working now, thank you.