Looker Studio Filters Not Working

Is anyone else experiencing the following:

  1. any use of a metric filter returns are error.

  2. Dimension filters are working fine unless I use “Regex Match” then it breaks 100% of the time.

Hey @David_Culbertson,

Piotr from the Piwik PRO team here. We’ll look into the issue with metric filters.
We are aware of the issue with partial RegExp matches. Regular expressions are supported differently in our API than in Looker Studio’s.

Hi @Piotrek

Thank you.

Honestly, that strikes me as odd. It seems to me that your REGEX should match what Google is doing given the huge user base for Google Analytics and Looker Studio.

I assume that the REGEX differences also mean that REGEX strings that I use in GA3 might not work in PP?

We use the same standard for Regular Expressions in general. That’s pretty much an industry standard. What I meant is how filter operators based on RegExps work. For example, Looker Studio supports partial RegExp matches, while we don’t.

@David_Culbertson could you provide examples of filters based on RegExps that fail? Are those partial matches or exact matches?


Looker has two options: “RegExp Contain” and “RegExp Match”

  1. This works:

Source Exclude RegexExp Match with the string amazon|bing|direct|duckduckgo|facebook|google|iheart|search.aol.com|url-opener|yahoo

  1. This fails:

Source Exclude RegExp Contain with the same string

Being able to use “contain” captures a lot more sources.

@David_Culbertson we have extended support for RegExp Contain in our plans for the connector, but it will also require a change in our Analytics.
We’ll mark this thread as a feature request for now. If anything changes, we’ll update it with further news.

Thank you, I will use the less-than-ideal RegExp Match for now.