Click on telephone number

Hi I create a trigger when someone clicks on the phone number on the web page.
How to see in the Dashboard when someone clicks on the phone number?
Thank you

Did you set up a custom event tag that would send that information to the Analytics backend when trigger conditions are met?

Hi obviously that’s the problem

, I only created a trigger :no_mouth:
Is it possible to get help on how to create a custom event tag for that trigger?

Sure :slight_smile: Here it is.

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In the end, under Reports->Custom events, can’t find phone clicks?
Do I need to create something else also?
Maybe I configure the wrong custom events setup

Could you check in the tag manager debugger if the tag was fired? Also, how is the Click URL variable defined? You can check what data was recorded in realtime in the tracker debugger feature (available in Analytics → Settings).

Seems to me it is not, it is not listed in debugger

Don’t know what to do next. Can you help me with that?

Is the tag visible on the tags list in tag manager? Maybe you forgot to save it?

Thanks, it is starting to work, maybe the Save button :face_with_hand_over_mouth: was a problem

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If I configure everything right where in Analytics in pre-configured dashboards I will see Phone clicks or do I need to create a new Widget for it?
Thank you

It’s available in Analytics → Reports → Custom events by default. If you want to see it on dashboard, you have to create a new widget that would be using event category/action/name dimensions.