Conversion/Event tracking problem


I was trying to measure telephone clicks and email clicks with the build-in tag manager system of piwik pro but it seems like i’m not able to create the right trigger.

I am using the click event combined with click url.

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Hi. Can you show what data loads in the tag manager debugger after you click on the phone number or e-mail address? Maybe the code has to be slightly edited to generate a proper javascript click event. Here’s an example screenshot from the tag manager debugger:



Some screenshots for clarification:

Current trigger I use for the email click tag: event when clicking “

datalayer info when clicking on the email

(I continue here below because I couldn’t add 5 links in 1 post from your system)

can’t use the elementURL in trigger, i only see click url and page url

variable info when clicking on email:

You can see that the email is populated in the click url variable, that’s why i use it in the trigger.

Could you advise me please?

Hi. You showed screenshots for 2 different events. is the one that would be recognized with native Click trigger. What I can see is also a gtm.linkClick event. If you want to do your tracking based on that, you have to use datalayer trigger with event name set to gtm.linkClick and additional condition for the datalayer variable containing the actual value.


I don’t get it anymore… Tried what you indicated here as 2nd option.

Via datalayer trigger on gtm.linkClick with datalayer variable:

As you can see I managed to get the mailto in a datalayer variable (dle - gtm…)

Tag looks like this:

Trigger looks like this:

Can you check these screenshots?

btw: that debugger is really not so user friendly… constantly jumps to other events when I’m looking in the logs.



We could stick the the native click event, since it has all the needed info:


But either way, it looks like it’s working. The only issue is that it triggers twice currently.


When it comes to working with tracker debugger, I recommend filtering the results using your current visitor ID. Then you don’t have the mentioned issue.