Cross domaine cookie tracking

Hello all,

I have the following structure:

  • on WordPress
  • on a different platform (not a CMS)

I created a cookie in Piwik to stock the UTM parameters of an URL.
It works well.

But, when the user move from to, the cookie is empty.

How can I keep the information stocked in the cookie in both domains?

Many thanks,

Hi there!

Have you looked into our guide on how to recognize a visitor across domains? It’s available here: How can I recognize a visitor across domains? | Piwik PRO help center.

Hello @sararekowska ,

The cross domain tracking is configured and works well :slight_smile:

My case is focus on a first party cookie created through the Piwik TMS.
Nothing related to Piwik Analytics.

Alright, and is the cookie just empty or does it disappear on the second website? Also, could you share how you have this cookie set up?

It appears but empty.

Could you share the URL of the website this appears on? You can send it to me via private message or here in the thread :smile:

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I looked into your issue and it seems that the tag “cookie” is firing on every page view and every time it fires, it overwrites the previous cookie. As you can see in the video you sent me - you have the utm parameters in the url on the first website, but when you redirect to the second one - you don’t have them anymore, and the tag still fires and overwrites the first cookie (that’s why it’s empty).


I think I found a solution to fix that issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help