Custom Dimension value extraction not working


I’m struggling with getting a value extraction from the Page URL to an event scoped custom dimension to work.

Example for an URL:

Ideally, i want the custom dimension to capture the value of the parameter “et_cmp_seg5” so that for this URL the custom dimension would have the value “value_to_extract”.

Here is how i have set up the extraction

I would have expected that “Page URL (parameter)” would already work, but that didn’t give any data so i also added the regex. Currently both does not work.

How do i need to set it up to extract values?

Thank you,

Hi @Martin_Frotzler !

Thanks for reporting the issue. I passed that to engineers and turns out that indeed there’s a bug in parameter recognition. Until it’s fixed, as a workaround if possible use parameters without underscores or dashes.