Custom event rejected when event action is empty

Via GTM in customHTML tag I am using this script to send a custom event to Piwik PRO:

  _paq.push(["trackEvent", "Document View", "{{DLV documentType}}", "{{DLV documentTitle}}"]);

Whenever the value of the variable “DLV documentType” is empty, the event does not show up in “Tracker debugger”. But as soon as the variable has a value, the event shows up correctly in “Tracker debugger”.

Does Piwik PRO reject a custom event, if event action or event name is set in the javascript with an empty value?

Hi. Category and action are the only required parameters. See the docs. My personal preference is to change it in the future to require only the event name, but we have to re-think how to make it backward compatible.

Thanks for your answer :ok_hand: