Unknown Custom Event taking up a lot of actions

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Piwik so please excuse me if this is somewhat of a noob question. Searching the forum didn’t return any results.

I recently set up Piwik PRO for a domain using the full Google TagManager implementation. Regular session tracking is working without issues, however I’ve noticed that a certain ‘custom event’ is taking up about 33% of my available actions.

Piwik has already logged significantly more actions than GA3, which tells me that this is a problem with Piwik itself.

The only tags I have installed are the regular Piwik PRO Tag and a E-Commerce Tag, which is not yet firing successfully (completely different issue).


So I’m kind of at a loss where this ‘custom event’ is coming from and what exactly it supposedly measures. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi. You can go to Reports → Behaviour → Custom events and check the details. Most likely those events are generated by features that work a bit differently in GA, such as tracking page scrolls or heartbeats allowing you to better estimate avg. session duration. Those features can be of course disabled if you don’t need them.

Side note: better overview of your current plan usage is available from Administration. More details here: Where can I see how many actions I've tracked this month? | Piwik PRO help center

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Thaks kuba! It was the built-in scroll depth tracking that was causing it & I’ve now disabled it. This should solve it!

Hi, there’s another link you should be aware of. Next to the “billable” events that @kuba mentioned you will see mini guides on how to disable them.

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