Custom Events - Not showing when filter added

I’ve set up custom events (button click tracking), which are firing in the debug mode. Then I go to create a report, and can see the data in the report preview, but when I add a filter, to show only one page, there is no data.

Is it set up incorrectly? I do believe there should be custom event data for that page.

Also, how do exclude the javascript errors from the reports?

Here’s with the filter added:

Hi @jcogar,

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To exclude JavaScript Errors you have to add a filter like this:

From what I see you are also using Page title dimension, this dimension have value only for Page view events and custom events do not contain this information. They have information about Page URL so that’s what you should use to tell whether an event was present on a particular page

And if you are not sure if a custom event ever appeared on particular page you can check that by:

  1. going to custom events report (Menu → Analytics → Reports → Behavior → Custom events
  2. adding new dimension column
  3. Selecting the Page URL dimension and using it to tell whether that’s the case or not.