Custom Metrics in Piwik Pro

I am looking the equivalent of custom metrics in GA. The custom variables in PiwikPro seem more akin to custom dimensions in GA. But I would need an additional field (which would only be integers) that could be summed/averaged/other simple math function on a list of numbers.

Is there a function to declare them like for custom dimensions?
For example: “setCustomMetricValue”, metricID, “metricValue”
(I am using GTM to send the data)



Moving to feature requests category. That’s indeed not yet possible and is really likely to be added to the product in the future.


Are there any updates or workarounds regarding to this request?

Adding +1 to this feature request.

Kind regards, Thomas

+1 to this (very important) feature request

Very interested into this feature as well!

Any updates on this request?

+1 to this feature request.

Alternatively making it possible to create a custom metric out of a custom dimension (and discarding all non-numeric values) would be highly useful.

To give some insight into our use case. How many days ahead did someone book an appointment? It would be nice to see an average or median of that but the only calculated metric I can make from the custom dimension is unique count.

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