How to configure custom dimension and set the value for a custom event?

Hi Team,

I wanted to set the custom dimension using custom code like we do in GA.
ga(‘set’, ‘cd1’, ‘Level 1’);

Similar code for Piwik i need to know. Please help.


Those docs should help. :slight_smile:

thanks Kuba.

Other question- If we want to send multiple parameters than the default one in piwik then how can we do that.

For example:

_paq.push(['trackEvent',eventCategory, eventAction,eventLabel,eventValue,nonInteractionNew]);

using the above code to send the custom event i am getting the event parameter till event value. nonInteractionNew parameter is missing from the event.

How can we send all the event parameters? Please help

You have to use custom dimensions for that. To do so, just pass a json object as additional param with the key and value of the dimension.

_paq.push([‘trackEvent’, eventCategory, eventAction, eventLabel, eventValue,{ dimension1: "nonInteractionNew"}]);

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