Deactivate dataLayer pushes (stg.leaveContent, stg.timer)

Hi people,
I’m new to Piwik Pro and until now worked with lots of other tools (Google, Adobe, Tealium).
What Im confused about is, how to deactivate certain dataLayer-pushes.

I tried to deactivate everything that I could in the tool and the tag manager, but still I get those event pushes.

If you have the console open, you all of the time get those leaveContent-Event pushes, and it really spams the dataLayer.

What do I miss? :slight_smile: How can I deactivate, stg.leaveContent and stg.timer?

Thanks for your help!

Hi. For now it’s not possible. In the future we plan to improve it by posting only those events that are needed by used triggers. As a side note, those events are not posted to the console by default.

Thanks for the fast answer.
What a pity. I would really appreciate more control about what Piwik is pushing into the datalayer.