Does anybody have some hacks for the layout of the debug view? Variable names are cut off after 10 characters which makes them indistinguishable

This is my Debug Experience…
I tried with some CSS Styling Browser Extensions, but it did not help because PP truncates the variable names to max 10 characters not via CSS, but already when the names get written into the HTML… I don’t know what setups you work in, but in my case variables, especially their names in the interface, easily get > 10 chars…

If somebody knows a hack to make the variable names show fully and ideally wrap, let me know.

There is this monstrosity (a private project) that I have just updated after @mbaersch allowed me to steal some of his code to extend the debugger width:
anthonybartczak/piwikpro-debugger-extended (

It extends the truncated variable names and adds few more features (search bar for tags and variables, sorting tags by “fired” state, changing the width of the debugger by Markus).


It’s very hacky and I will probably rewrite it once my hate towards JavaScript dies down a bit.

Btw there should be a tooltip once you hover over the truncated name but it might not be very helpful.

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Wow, Dr. @mbaersch is everywhere.
Mr. Bartczak, JavaScript can be so beautiful. And since you seem to collaborate with Dr. Baersch, I will now call you Mr. Baertczak.
I do get this error when importing, but it does not seem to affect the functionality of the debugger.
So thanks for that, I can finally read the variables without hovering over each one of them and waiting for a second…

If I remember correctly I added it there because of some Firefox compatibility. I’ll see if I can create a cross-compatible manifest.json that doesn’t throw that error.

edit: forgot to add the source for the resizer

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Not the smartest code hack, but per good old mouseover you get the full name

Thanks, but I am aware of this and already wrote that, see: