Big diff. in unique & total pageviews

Any idea if a technical issue can cause this because that looks a bit off?


Let’s start with checking the session log / tracker debugger. Maybe some of your page views are duplicated?

Looks like lot’s of them are multi counted?

seeing same for some searches

What’s your current tracking setup in the tag manager module? You can check which tags are firing and how many times by using the tag manager debugger.

It just contains the base code and ecom tracking is hard coded.


Could you check it yourself having the tag manager debugger enabled? Most likely some tags are firing a few times which should be also visible in the tracker debugger.

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I highly suggest installing omnibug. It’s a free browser extension which basically piggybacks on Piwiks tracking, but it does give you a better overview of the tracking through a user journey, than the tracker debugger does (in my opinion).

It looks like this:

It’s obviously in no way a substitute for the tracker debugger and I should emphasize, that I use it together with the tracker debugger. Whenever I see an issue in omnibug, I can much more easily pinpoint the issue in the tracker debugger.


yeah checking with the developper because this looks not ok :slight_smile:

Thxs for the tip Martho!